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Peter Bischhorn Ltd.
Consulting and mediation of exclusive cars, yachts and real estate

Goals, wishes &
realise dreams

A warm welcome to you! I am your personal companion in your consideration of what is important to you and why it is important to you. Yachts, luxury cars, classic cars, properties in the luxury segment or rarities. 

With my expertise and passion, I will be happy to assist you in these areas with all my advisory services.


Let's go travelling together and put my extensive network to work for you. Your vision, whether on four wheels, an exclusive property or on the high seas, will become a reality - welcome to the world of luxury and style.

More about myself

Since it was founded in 2000, Peter Bischhorn Consulting has been considered a leading expert in Berlin. I am the go-to source for a variety of clients who require accurate estimates of their total assets. My clients receive competent support throughout the entire assessment process. Contact me to arrange a consultation appointment.

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Weiß Modern House
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Luxury cars

With my expertise in luxury car consulting, I can help you find the perfect vehicle. Deep industry knowledge allows me to navigate through models, technologies and exclusive options. From customised configurations to renowned brands, I will guide you to a unique driving experience.


With my yacht consulting you will experience the world of exclusive sea voyages. As an experienced consultant, I can help you choose the perfect luxury yacht for private relaxation or social events. I not only offer access to exquisite yachts, but also help with commercial and technical aspects.

Real Estate

With my luxury property consulting, I give you access to exclusive residences worldwide. Whether modern city villas, secluded estates or historic luxury residences - I fulfil your living requirements and lifestyle wishes. Your dream of an exquisite luxury property will become a reality with my advice.

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